About us

Pieter van Dijk founded Cargo Screeners in the spring of 2013. In that year, stricter legislation by the government caused an increase in demand for screening air cargo on explosives and dangerous goods. In previous positions in the air cargo industry, Pieter often discussed with his customers the legislative changes in securing air cargo. Reflecting on this Pieter saw an opportunity, wrote a business plan and convinced parties involved of the viability of the product. May 1st 2013 is marked on the calendar as ‘Birthday’ of Cargo Screeners!

Four years of considerable growth later, Cargo Screeners is no longer a ‘newbie’! There is an operational team of six enthusiastic colleagues, 8 dog handlers each responsible for one or two dogs and a commercial department. The entire team is dedicated in every field, has regular meetings with one main goal: keeping the customers satisfied and meeting their demands in a dynamic industry called air cargo.